Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Westfield Motors now offer full 4 wheel laser alignment and balancing thanks to our state of the art John Bean alignment systems.

Improper wheel alignment and balancing is one of the major causes of premature tyre degradation, Westfield Motors' John Bean alignment systems can help address the cause of these problems, increasing the mileage and longevity from your next set of new tyres.

State of the art laser wheel alignment, balancing and geometry setup

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

We're proud to offer state of the art 4 wheel laser wheel alignment, balancing and geometry for your vehicle. Some of the benefits that can be gained from a proper wheel alignment session:

  • No more premature tyre wear of tread on one edge of the tyre only. 
  • Increased tyre longevity and mileage from your tyres
  • Solve steering pull that is still present after a basic tracking setup
  • Improper Wheel Balancing increases wear and degradation of suspension and chassis components
  • Improve road handling through correct alignment and balancing.

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